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PODCAST: Draft rumors, top 100 players and a big mailbag

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One. More. Day.

The quarterback conversations get to stop, and Kansas City Chiefs fans gets to laugh at whoever gets left in the rain without a young signal caller. Glad you waited to invest, Buffalo Bills. Thanks.

We lied last week when we said it would be the last time you’d hear from the AP Chiefs Draft Show. We’re so excited for Thursday, we had to get one more episode in before it started.

Just because the Chiefs don’t have a selection doesn’t mean tomorrow isn’t critical for the Chiefs. There are potential runs on positions the Chiefs aren’t looking too hard at that could benefit their chances of value falling to them. We’ll have more on that later this week.

On the episode, I discuss the players in my top 100 that I’m higher on than most, round up some of the rumors out there and how they affect the Chiefs and then answer a lot of your questions in a mailbag. Listen on the player below or by clicking here.

On the show: Players I’m higher on than most - 4:56, Draft Rumors - 11:47, Who Chiefs fans should want off the board - 16:05, Mailbag - 20:10