It's Here! The 2nd Annual Springfield Mo Draft Party!

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The stage is set.

The Draft starts on Thursday at 7 pm and the Chiefs still currently do not have a first round pick. I'd imagine that Chiefs stay out of the first round, part of that is me projecting but I truly believe the cost will be to high to move into day one. So... here I am looking at Friday night with great anticipation. But just because we don't have a round one pick doesn't mean we cant celebrate, right? ...Having Patrick Mahomes is well worth the cost of this years first round pick and plenty of reason to celebrate. However, we are on to more important matters... the Par'tay.

The draft party will be Friday the 27th, on Bair's on S. Campbell. I will show up at 5 to get set up. The Draft starts at 6 pm Arrowhead time, I'd suggest arriving early to see if Veach waits until 54 for his first pick. I have a strong feeling he won't but we will see. The party will be in the back room, in case there's another group that shows up to watch the draft in the main part. Just look for all the good looking people wearing that Chief's red :)

Feel free to bring all your fellow Chiefs fans and family. We had a good turnout of people that saw this on Facebook, I hope that happens again. Comment below if you want to come and if you would be bringing someone else. The current list of people I have is as follows please advise if this needs changed:



Bird + Mrs Bird + Egg


Fleabottom + 1

SGF-El Chiefo



Cowboy Chief + 1





Redeyedrat + 1


SwMo_Chiefs)fan + 1


Chiefs Enthusiast

If you didn't get a chance to come last year, I'd strongly encourage you to come out and enjoy the evening with everyone. Last year was a blast. It's a good chance to put faces with AP handles and meet new people.

Here's the link for last years shenanigans.

Springfield Draft Party
As Always, Rec to keep it at the top please and Thank You ;)

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