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Patrick Mahomes and his young Chiefs receiving corps play “Fortnite” together

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs-Training Camp Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Some things change when you go from a 33-year-old starting quarterback who prefers to listen to NPR on game days to a 22-year-old still fresh out of college.


If you are unfamiliar with the name, Fortnite is a video game available on PlayStation 4 or XBox One that has been called the “gaming phenomenon of the year.”

If you closely follow Patrick Mahomes’ social media accounts, as we do at Arrowhead Pride, you’d know that this offseason, Mahomes played quite a bit. He noted in early February how his girlfriend would get mad at him for as much as three and four hours a night.

“It started as an offseason thing,” Mahomes said on Monday. “You have more time in the offseason after you work out, after you watch film, you have time to play games and do those things.

“Some of the guys on the team already played so I just hopped on and started playing with them a little bit.”

The premise behind Fortnite is best described as something out of the Hunger Games franchise. You play as one of 100 characters dropped in a bubble in which you fight until you and your teammates are the only survivors left.

During the offseason, Mahomes developed a friendly rivalry about the game with his No. 1 wide receiver, Tyreek Hill.

The 24-year-old Hill uses XBox while Mahomes uses PlayStation 4, so the two were unfortunately unable to meet online.

But they weren’t the only Chiefs who took part, according to Mahomes.

“I’ve played with Gehrig Dieter, I’ve played with Demarcus Robinson, Demetrius Harris,” Mahomes said. “Chris (Conley) plays.”

Mahomes was quick to add that now that the offseason program has commenced, he plans to play Fortnite much less, not that an interest in video games is anything to worry about.

Mahomes also noted during the presser that he managed to voluntarily meet up and throw with every single Chiefs receiver during the team’s time off.

Hey, work hard, play hard.