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Rosenthal: Chiefs one of three teams who could challenge New England Patriots

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NFL Network’s Gregg Rosenthal is high on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The league analyst was asked to name three AFC teams who could potentially challenge the New England Patriots for conference supremacy, and the first team he came up with hails from Kansas City.

“Let’s start with the Kansas City Chiefs,” he said. “It is a simple case that I’m going to make. It’s Patrick Mahomes. I implore fans out there—go on GamePass and watch Week 17, Patrick Mahomes against the Broncos.”

With the Chiefs locked into their AFC playoff position last season, Mahomes earned the start Week 17. He finished 22 of 35 for 284 yards and an interception.

“[His first completion in the NFL] is a better throw than about 12 different great starting quarterbacks have made in their entire careers. That is unbelievable. Late in the game, it gets even better—game on the line, he’s on the move.

“He does things that I just don’t believe other quarterbacks can possibly do.”

Rosenthal had the opportunity to host Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on the Around the NFL Podcast at the NFL Scouting Combine.

“[Reid] was in a great mood because he has a quarterback who can make plays like that,” Rosenthal added. “That is just ridiculous from Patrick Mahomes. Reid is going to be up late at night making plays for this guy, Patrick Mahomes, all offseason.”

Rosenthal also mentioned the Los Angeles Chargers and the Houston Texans as other possible AFC contenders.