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Will Brett Veach trade up for a cornerback?

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It’s the season for draft rumors, and the Kansas City Chiefs are no exception.

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL dot com put out a list of 10 rumors he’s heard around the league regarding the upcoming draft, and the Chiefs made the list.

Some of it feels like a bit of speculation, but of particular interest to me was his statement that “many around the league” expect the Chiefs to trade up into the 35-40 pick range in order to try an land a top corner.

Frankly, this makes sense on multiple levels. Obviously, the Chiefs traded away Marcus Peters, which leaves them with a starting trio of Kendall Fuller, David Amerson and Steven Nelson. Regardless of how you feel about that trio (and there’s a lot of “what if” if you’re trying to be optimistic), the depth behind them is virtually nonexistent at this point.

The Chiefs are clearly aware of this problem, as they reportedly made an offer to Kyle Fuller, Kendall Fuller’s brother, which was not accepted (Fuller was later offered a deal he did accept, which the Bears matched). You generally don’t make an offer to a starting-caliber corner if you’re comfortable with your current group of starters.

The Chiefs have been rumored to be interested in UCF corner Mike Hughes, who is considered a top-tier talent at CB but apparently has some form of “off-field concerns” that could cause him to slide a bit in the draft. The top of the second round is exactly where you can snag a talented player with some questions marks.

Go get ‘em, Brett

Personally, I’m all for Veach being aggressive and trading up for guys he really likes. I’d rather a general manager grab three to four guys he’s really passionate about than seven or eight he’s only OK with. All too often, the draft is essentially a dartboard where all the participants are throwing left-handed... and blindfolded.

There are two ways to handle that: either try to grab as many picks as humanly possible (shotgun approach) or be laser-focused on a select group of guys you think can do well. Veach strikes me as a bit of the latter.

Given how the offseason has played out so far, I’d be perfectly comfortable if the Chiefs were highly aggressive in trying to trade up more than once to grab a player who can contribute quickly on defense. Corner and safety would be prime places to do so.

Is it draft day yet?