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Chiefs news will be coming to your newsfeeds today

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Your newsfeeds will be filled with KC Chiefs news this afternoon.

Today is the start of the Chiefs offseason program and they’ll be talking to the media to mark the occasion. Andy Reid will talk to the media around 12:30 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) this afternoon and he will be followed by several players (I don’t have a list of players but it’s a good guess that Patrick Mahomes will be one of them).

We’ll be covering what Reid and the other players have to say. We haven’t heard from Reid in a few weeks so the media will have plenty to ask the Chiefs head coach.

The Chiefs offseason program goes in three phases from now until mid-June and ramps up a little more and more on what the players are allowed to do. There’s nothing open to the public and there are no tackling or full pads during this time so it’s certainly not real football this offseason. That will come in training camp.

Later this week on Friday, Chiefs GM Brett Veach will speak to the media for his pre-draft press conference.