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PODCAST: Mock draft from the Chiefs’ perspective

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Bold (not bold) prediction: If you are reading this when it goes up on Friday, you are exactly two weeks away from the Kansas City Chiefs making their first selection in the NFL draft. I expect the Chiefs to sit out Thursday of the draft. I don’t want them to continue to kick the can down the road on a lack of draft capital in the future. The Chiefs mortgaged 2018’s draft when they traded up for Patrick Mahomes last year. No one should be mad about that.

Look at the teams scrambling to acquire a quarterback in this year’s draft. There’s not enough of them, and the Chiefs got their guy at a bargain.

It definitely makes draft discussions a little more difficult, but thank you for reading the draft articles we’ve put out and listening to the AP Chiefs Draft Show.

On this weeks episode, we run through our one and only mock draft, talk Mahomes and the quarterback class and answer your mailbag questions. We add several players to the Draftmas List throughout the mock as well.

You can listen on the player below, on iTunes, Google Play or on Blog Talk Radio. New episodes every Friday.

On the show: MOCK DRAFT 4:39, Ranking the QBs - 6:30, Patrick Mahomes and this QB class - 10:16, Genard Avery - 28:13, Equanameous St. Brown - 32:11, CHIEFS PICK AT 54 34:56, Anthony Miller - 44:40, Jake breaks some hearts 47:35, THE CHIEFS SECOND PICK AT 78 48:44, THE CHIEFS PICK AT 86 51:37, MAILBAG 54:35