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Offensive tackle makes some sense for the Chiefs

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I have a lot of theories and not many of them are good. It remains to be seen whether this one will be a good one or not but here it goes: I believe the Chiefs are going to take an offensive tackle high in this draft. By high, I mean in the first two rounds. (I’ve also said I think it will be a pass rusher so what do I know)

Why an offensive tackle?

The Chiefs are already set with two starters in LT Eric Fisher and RT Mitch Schwartz. The Chiefs can’t reasonably cut Fisher this year but they can start thinking about it next year.

I’ve wondered if the Chiefs would select a tackle high this year so that said tackle would have time to sit and learn. That’s key because offensive linemen coming out of college these days are not as well-established in the pro game as they were a few years ago.

So there are two options when it comes to tackles. You either draft your guy and let him sit because college tackles need more time these days or you go out and spend a bunch of money in free agency on a proven tackle (like Mitch Schwartz!). Since the Chiefs are in cost-cutting, not cost-adding mode, they opt for the draft pick.

Who says this is a bad theory?