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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes shows tying a jacket around your waist is, in fact, cool

I was under the impression that tying your jacket around your waist was not something the cool kids do. I know that because every time I do it — usually it’s my hoodie that matches my sweatpants — Mrs. Arrowhead Pride says I am embarrassing her and ends up walking a few steps behind me as if we didn’t walk into the dang Price Chopper together.

Well, Mrs. AP, you’re not gonna believe this. Tying your jacket around your waist IS cool. Just ask Patrick Mahomes.

I have been waiting for someone like Young Pat. He is the perfect vessel to push forward a dream of mine. No, it’s not the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl (although that is a dream). With chops like this, Young Pat can be the one who finally brings back the fanny pack.

Yes, the fanny pack.

I see Mrs. AP walking around with her purse, roughly the size of a fanny pack, and she stores all sorts of things in there. I have so many things I want to bring with me places but I have no place to store them. A phone charger. Headphones. My keys. Perhaps a small snack like some pretzels or even a banana. A fanny pack would solve this.

The dream is alive, my friends. Mahomes is one step away from the fanny pack. Soon enough I won’t have any more personal storage problems.


Tying your shirt around your waist is:

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