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Chiefs 2018 draft picks are out: 7 picks will soon become 8

The NFL released the official 2018 NFL Draft order and the Kansas City Chiefs as of now officially have just seven draft picks. However, once the Alex Smith and Marcus Peters trades are official on March 14 the Chiefs will add a third round pick (for the Alex trade) and a fourth round pick (for the Peters trade). The Chiefs will be sending a sixth round pick -- I think the compensatory pick — to the Rams for the Peters trade.

That makes eight total selections for the Chiefs in this draft which is still pretty good without a first round pick. The Chiefs front office has an opportunity to find some mid-round picks available. The Chiefs can do their damage with a second round pick and two third round picks. It’s reasonable to think those should be future starters or contributors in those rounds.

All their picks, with the unofficial ones included...

Chiefs 2018 draft picks

Round 2 (54)

Round 3 (78)*

Round 3 (86)

Round 4 (122)

Round 4 (124)*

Round 6 (196)

Round 6 (209)**

Round 7 (233)

Round 7 (243)

*Waiting for the trades to become official before these officially count

**This should be the one sent to the Rams for the Peters trade

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