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An epic Dustin Colquitt moment

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I’m currently on vacation with the family in Mexico, but since they all go to bed early, I decided to take a moment to write up a quick article while they’re sleeping.

As fans, we can get completely wrapped up in stats, deep throws, and other splash plays. But sometimes the more subtle moments of awesomeness can be overlooked.

I’d like to bring to light an epic moment brought to us by Dustin Colquitt in the Week 17 game vs. Denver in 2017.

Some background

With the Chiefs leading by a score of 14-10, Terrance Smith intercepted a pass from Paxton Lynch, which placed the ball on the Chiefs 21-yard line. There were 20 seconds left before halftime in an essentially meaningless game.

Patrick Mahomes was given the call to take a knee and run the clock out before halftime. Amazingly, the Broncos chose to take a timeout. You can see the Chiefs’ body language immediately questioning the Broncos’ decision to stop the clock—in particular, Mahomes.

“So I guess we’re doing this, huh?”

In fact, if I’m not mistaken, a good portion of the Broncos players had begun to make their way to the tunnel.

The Chiefs ran two more plays and the Broncos called a timeout after each play. The end result was fourth down for the Chiefs with eight seconds left in the half.

Here Comes Colquitt

While all of this was happening, Dustin Colquitt was waiting silently on the sideline. That is until he came in and absolutely kicked the dog crap out of the ball.

At this moment, Dustin Colquitt wielded his left leg as though it were a giant middle finger to the entire Broncos organization.

Colquitt’s punt had a net gain of 77 yards.

But to make it even more epic, this punt by Colquitt was actually the longest punt across the league in 2017. To put it all into perspective, there were 2,339 punts in 2017, and this one particular punt by Colquitt just happened to be the longest.

What does it all mean?

There are a couple of things I can draw from this play.

One of them is that it’s not a good idea to make Dustin Colquitt mad. The second is that this play belongs in Chiefs’ lore, and I hope Chiefs fans remember it years down the road.

I still can’t believe this was the longest punt out of 2,339 attempts in 2017. Incredible.

Of course, I’m not the only one with a take on this play:

What’s your take?

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