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Anthony Hitchens contract details are coming in

The details are coming in on the contract that LB Anthony Hitchens will sign with the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s a five-year deal that’s said to be worth $45 million. As always, the details matter ...

This looks like a two-year deal to me before it turns into a year to year proposition. If we have all the information here, his first-year cap hit should be around $3.6 million and his second-year cap hit should be just over $9 million. So he’s going to start and the Chiefs probably believe he can be here longer than two years if all goes well and so do I, although they will come to a decision in a couple of years if they want to pay both Ragland and Hitchens (hint: they probably don’t). The Chiefs valued Derrick Johnson so if they can find someone like him who can cover and play all three downs then they can get a lot of production out of Hitchens.

We’ll get an update on the Chiefs cap space after the air clears on the first wave of free agency. The Chiefs have a lot of moving from parts from releasing players like Tamba Hali to trading players like Alex Smith and Marcus Peters to now signing players like Sammy Watkins and Anthony Hitchens.