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Chiefs remaining options for a backup quarterback

Now that Chase Daniel has agreed to terms with the Chicago Bears we need to start looking elsewhere for the Kansas City Chiefs next backup quarterback. I don’t know if Chase was ever actually a real option but here at Arrowhead Pride we thought he would be good. Instead, he’s going with Matt Nagy to the Bears.

So, what’s next for the Chiefs at backup quarterback?

Pro Football Talk mentioned a list of the remaining backup quarterback options which I put below. Obviously, Colin Kaepernick stands out as the best quarterback on that list but I have a feeling that won’t happen in KC. Blaine Gabbert has started games recently. Andy Reid had a chance to take Geno Smith No. 1 overall five years ago but passed. I would quit being a Chiefs fan if they signed Brock Osweiler. Derek Anderson would be fitting because the Chiefs helped launch his career with this fourth-quarter comeback 12 years ago. Matt Moore, sure. I’m assuming the Chiefs wouldn’t go after AJ McCarron or Jay Cutler or someone who would be more expensive, so I don’t have them listed below.

The Chiefs could also look to the draft. I don’t know how high of a priority this would be or how comfortable you’d feel with a mid-round rookie potentially starting a game for a team with playoff aspirations but it’s a possibility. The Chiefs are going young after all.

There’s another option: re-sign Tyler Bray. He is currently slated for free agency but the Chiefs could re-sign him as their backup, or at least as competition. The Chiefs know who he is so that could be the easiest option for them right now.

The fourth and final option is somebody not listed here because, let’s be honest, I don’t know what they’re going to do.

Which option stands out to you?

Free agent QBs

Colin Kaepernick

Drew Stanton

Blaine Gabbert

Geno Smith

Brock Osweiler

T.J. Yates

EJ Manuel

Matt Moore

Derek Anderson

Ryan Mallett

Chad Henne

Johnny Manziel

Robert Griffin III

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