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Why I love Sammy Watkins signing with the Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs aren’t done maxing out their offense.

Our poll says most Kansas City Chiefs fans like the Sammy Watkins free agent signing. Currently, 88 percent of voters approved of the move.

Why do I love the Chiefs signing Sammy Watkins?

The Chiefs could go into next season with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt and say they are among the best triplets in the NFL. Watkins adds to those weapons.

The Titans game

I go back to the Titans game. Travis Kelce went down with a concussion and the Chiefs offense scored on that same drive in the second quarter and then not again the rest of the game. Even with those weapons, they needed another one. Watkins is that guy. They sign guys for a bunch of reasons but that Titans game really sticks out for me on this one.

The cheap QB with the big arm

I also love that the Chiefs appear to be going for it on offense with their young quarterback. Give Patrick Mahomes every weapon possible to succeed before you have to pay him a gazillion dollars a year (assuming he’s the real deal). That’s the formula with the quarterback on the rookie deal. For the next two to three years, Mahomes is going to have top talent around him.

On paper, the Chiefs offense is looking hard to stop. Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins on the outside which opens things up for Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt.

“Think of the underneath passing game (slants, hitches, crossers), the inside cuts and the high-percentage throws for quarterback Patrick Mahomes to get Watkins the ball in space (screens, bubbles),” ESPN’s Matt Bowen said. “Plus, Watkins has the top-end speed to stretch the secondary down the field.”

I don’t know what this says about Chris Conley or Demarcus Robinson. It’s pretty obvious they’re not paying Watkins $16 million per year to sit behind those guys. I like Conley and I think Robinson has some potential but they wanted more potential, more firepower. I kind of like that good wasn’t good enough.

The money

There are reasons not to love it. Chiefs fans on Twitter are telling us why. He’s too expensive is the first take that you see and it’s not a bad one — $48 million over three years is a lot! This makes Watkins among the highest paid players in the league. That’s a lot for a guy who didn’t even hit 600 yards receiving last season.

I keep in mind that Watkins is just 24 years old. He is playing for a third contract at just 27 years old when he can cash in again. The Chiefs are not paying Tyreek Hill big money yet and with just a three-year deal for Watkins I don’t think they will pay big money to both of them at the same time.

It’s like all contracts. If he performs, he’ll be worth the money. If he doesn’t, it’ll be a bad signing. The Chiefs signed Jeremy Maclin to a five-year deal and he was gone in two, so these things can change quickly, too (Although if it’s truly $30 million guaranteed then Watkins is here for two years).

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