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Chiefs DL Chris Jones’ speech to these kids reminds us why he’s the best

Good guy Chris Jones at it again.

Kansas City Chiefs defensive linemen Chris Jones and Rakeem Nunez-Roches took some time to stop by a middle-school football showcase featuring sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders this past Saturday afternoon.

Jones had the players kneel in front of him and he delivered this inspiring speech, which you can watch below:

“I played half a year in 11th grade, I played in my 12th-grade year. You know how good I would have been, if I got to play right here, man? You know how good? I’d be smacking you all around right now...I’d be smacking all y’all around! But always know, man, take advantage of every opportunity that you have. Take advantage of it. These opportunities come a dime and a dozen. They come a dime and a dozen. You know how many kids wish to be out here with y’all guys, man? Y’all guys are fortunate, so when you step on this field, always bring it all, man. I was just over here telling Nacho, we always got to bring our all, because it’s all about progression. Everybody wanna be the best. What’s making you different from the next guy? What are you trying to get better at? Take advantage of every opportunity, man. And y’all have fun while you’re doing it, man. When you out here, have fun. Make sure you have fun. Make sure you’re giving it all for your brother beside you. And I’m done.”

He’s the best.

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