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Eric Berry on the Marcus Peters and Alex Smith trades, start of the Patrick Mahomes era

Eric Berry joined Good Morning Football on NFL Network to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs wild offseason. He covered his own recovery from his Achilles last season, the Alex Smith trade, the Marcus Peters trade and the start of the Patrick Mahomes era.

Not that we needed to doubt Terez Paylor’s reporting but Berry also indicated that Ron Parker would be cut which was reported by Terez this week.

How he’s doing physically right now

“I’m feeling great. I’m working out training down with my brothers down in Florida. We pretty much had a process and we’re sticking to that. We know things are going to happen, things aren’t always going to go our way but you have to put all your energy into the things you can control. My brothers and family and the Chiefs Kingdom have been reminding me of that. I’ve been so focused on the process. Just getting it in every day grinding. I love it.”

The Alex Smith trade

“The biggest thing about this whole season and all the transactions, that’s the worst part of having that injury because seeing that was my last season with Alex or that was my last season with Ron or Marcus and the bonds we built and the things we talked about. It’s hard to see them go.”

The Marcus Peters trade

“He’s probably gonna kill me for this but I know he tries to keep a lot of stuff under the radar, but at the same time when everyone was bashing him for certain things Marcus would go to the store and parents would be letting kids pick out their shoes for the new school year and he’d be just like, ‘I got that don’t even worry about it Moms, I’ll pay for it.’ The headlines that reach are the ones that are the negative ones which I don’t really think are negative. It’s a balance between the way you express yourself and whatever and it’s all opinionated and everybody has their own opinion but why not put the stuff he’s doing in the community? Let’s talk about him getting his adidas camp to do a coat drive in Kansas City but nobody hears about that. But just the type of person he is and the type of thing he does, I wish people would try to understand the person a little more. I know they see us on the field but try to see where all this is coming from before making a judgment on something like that.”

The Patrick Mahomes era

“I’m excited because he’s confident but he’s also a humble guy. He knows his abilities but knows he has lots to learn. I’m excited about it. Seeing him in practice, being able to throw on the run and challenge his skills to see what he can and can’t do, everyday trying to get better and better. That’s something you can build on.”

It's Game Time.

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