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Are the Chiefs really hiring Stone Cold Steve Austin?

The Boston Herald’s Ron Borges wasn’t the only writer who received unsolicited texts last night.

The Kansas City Chiefs are planning to hire Stone Cold Steve Austin as defensive line coach for the upcoming 2018 season, Arrowhead Pride has learned.

The suggestion to hire the six-time WWE champion was first submitted to general manager Brett Veach by defensive lineman Chris Jones.

“Yeah, so you’re not going to believe what happened,” Veach told Arrowhead Pride in a text from an unknown number that we had never seen or heard from before. “So Chris Jones walks into my office and tells me if I don’t hire Stone Cold, he’d open a can of whoop ass on me right then and there.

“So like any man would, I obliged by his wishes.”

Jones began using the “Stone Cold” moniker on all his official social media accounts in late 2016. Jones has always related to the aggressive style of Austin, so much so that the Chiefs’ production team created an Arrowhead Stadium music video featuring Jones to Austin’s well known shattered-glass theme music.

According to Veach, head coach Andy Reid’s own son, Britt Reid, will now serve Austin as a defensive line assistant.

We at Arrowhead Pride figured that the unknown texts from a random number saying it was Brett Veach had to be true, so we didn’t bother reaching out to the Chiefs, Austin’s representatives or Jones’ agent before publishing this story.

Oh, hell yeah.

(You didn’t actually think this was true, did you? You did?! Ha.)

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