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What can the Chiefs do about Derrick Johnson?

Derrick Johnson became a part time linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time since Todd Haley was benching him way back in the day. It was a little odd not seeing DJ out there for every single snap but he is clearly getting up there in age and the Chiefs had to get some playing time for the younger guys behind him.

There is going to be a DJ question coming up. I can’t envision a scenario where the Chiefs let DJ go into next season with a cap hit over $10 million, which it is currently set to be. There’s just no way they do that with DJ already declining. He is one of my favorite Chiefs of all time but there is no conversation at that cap number. The Chiefs can’t do it.

So, do the Chiefs cut him or do they reach some sort of pay cut? I have no idea how this one will play out. On the surface, the right call seems to be to part ways with him. He was already declining last year and losing playing time so with another year under his belt I don’t think that will get any better.

But ...

DJ is an all-time Chief. He is the all-time leading tackler. He is the longest tenured Chief on the roster. Teammates look up to him. It’s not as easy to just say cut this guy. He has value in other ways such as his experience and historical knowledge but is that enough to warrant a roster spot?

I don’t know what the Chiefs will do here. I don’t know the right answer. The fence is not the place for a blogger to be sitting but that’s where I am right now. I just don’t know.

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