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Next year’s Super Bowl odds led by Patriots, Chiefs in middle of pack

Eleven teams have better Super Bowl odds next year than the Kansas City Chiefs. That includes the Houston Texans who somehow have better Super Bowl odds than the Chiefs. Next year’s Super Bowl odds must figure the Broncos are finding a quarterback because their odds aren’t far behind the Chiefs.

2019 Super Bowl odds released by Bovada show the Patriots on top of the list despite losing Super Bowl 52 to the Eagles. The Packers and Eagles are tied for second on the list.

There are other familiar names up there like the Steelers and Falcons. I’m surprised to see the Chiefs so low but then again they do have Patrick Mahomes starting next year and we’re not really sure what to make of him. Alex Smith was more of a sure thing and you could slot them in the top 10 in these rankings.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 53

New England Patriots 5/1

Green Bay Packers 9/1

Philadelphia Eagles 9/1

Minnesota Vikings 12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1

Atlanta Falcons 18/1

Dallas Cowboys 18/1

Los Angeles Rams 18/1

New Orleans Saints 18/1

Carolina Panthers 25/1

Houston Texans 25/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 28/1

Kansas City Chiefs 28/1

Seattle Seahawks 28/1

Denver Broncos 33/1

Indianapolis Colts 33/1

Los Angeles Chargers 33/1

Oakland Raiders 33/1

Baltimore Ravens 40/1

Detroit Lions 40/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40/1

Arizona Cardinals 50/1

New York Giants 50/1

Tennessee Titans 50/1

Washington Redskins 50/1

Buffalo Bills 66/1

Cincinnati Bengals 66/1

Miami Dolphins 66/1

New York Jets 66/1

Chicago Bears 100/1

Cleveland Browns 100/1

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