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Super Bowl picks and predictions: Straight up and against the spread

NFL: Super Bowl Rings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a blast making these picks throughout the year, and I am actually a little sad to have them end. Hopefully I’m tasked with making picks next year because it’s been a treat.

Straight Up

Eagles vs Patriots: Patriots

The Eagles are the better team in my opinion. However, I can’t realistically fathom a universe where Nick Foles beats Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. I believe the game will be incredibly close and the Patriots will win in a squeaker. If I had to pick the score, I’d go Patriots 24 Eagles 23.

I do believe the Eagles will absolutely win if Nick Foles gets hot like he did in the NFC Championship game, but as of now I’m putting my faith in the Patriots being able to keep Foles from going crazy.

Against the Spread

Remember, if you are planning on making money off of these, don’t. I do this for fun, not to feed my wife and kids.

When betting against the spread I pick what I think the spread to each game should be. Then if my spread is two or more points away from the actual spread, I place a bet on the team my spread favors.

Eagles vs Patriots (-4.5): Eagles
My spread: Patriots (-2)

The bookies have been undervaluing Nick Foles for the past several weeks. They will continue to do so in the Super Bowl. Public perception views Foles as a typical backup QB, but Foles is not a typical backup.

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