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Your victories of the week

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It is victory-of-the-week highlight time.

Here were your five best:


My victory is finally winning a game of Fortnite after months of not winning one. It took me over 50 matches to win one game. It takes a while to win them and it is frustrating but man is it all worth it when you get that one win!

Remember when the Chiefs were 1-5 in 2015?

I. Don’t. Either.


Victory of the week is ending up in a hotel where they are throwing a huge Super Bowl party. I have been in Minneapolis this week for work and I have had to switch lodging because of the game….well, I ended up at the AmericInn where they are turning the convention center into a place to rage with a lot of players coming. Sad thing…..last night Mahomes was here… I was not.

It’s my last night here because the rooms go up to 400 and 500 dollars a night. So I am going to make it worth the while this evening and party till I can’t stand!

We need a follow up here, bloodmountain.


I had a date today and one planned for Monday.

Wustlers gonna wustle. Take him or her to Olive Garden.



Got a raise at work, got a couple new books to read, and my city is absolutely electric all week. Great energy.

I’ll tell you how big the Super Bowl is to this city. A terror attack was stopped right as it started, it was in the news ALMOST a day before the Eagles took the spotlight again. Crazy

Positive vibes all around—our kind of victory.


My stepmother was diagnosed as terminally ill about a year ago

She has an aggressive form of dementia that causes your body to basically shut down while also having MS. Well she has been in the hospital these last few weeks looking like she was about to pass. Miraculously she has been getting a lot better this week (still bed ridden but not as close to death’s edge) and will be sent to a recovery center tomorrow morning. She likely won’t make it out of there but it warmed my heart to have her around at least for a while longer. “Never give up”. One of the better victories I have had in a long time.

Good thoughts out to the RealisticChiefsFan.

“Never give up” is as good as a mantra you can have for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy it, PrideHeads!

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