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Matt Nagy’s offense will be one to watch this year

One thing I’m going to be watching next season is how Matt Nagy’s offense in Chicago differs from Andy Reid’s offense in Kansas City. Nagy was of course the Chiefs offensive coordinator last season and you could see some of his influence on the offense when he started calling plays.

Nagy is at the NFL Combine this week and he was asked about his version of the west coast offense will look like after Doug Pederson took Philly to the Super Bowl with it.

“Obviously Doug and I coached together at Kansas City,” Nagy said. “We started our deal in Philadelphia with coach Reid and he had the West Coast offense going strong. What we’ve done is kind of tailored some of the college stuff that’s come out, to the way these players are playing. It was fun for us, refreshing, and we just started to grow it. As Doug goes to Philadelphia and has coaches coming from different worlds, they’re going to talk through what works and what they like. You saw with Philadelphia, they had a lot of success, they had fun with it. That’s what we’re going to and we’re going to put our own little spin on it and see how our guys fit. But I don’t know the exact answer until we get into the different OTA’s.”

This will be fun to watch. Andy Reid has been around for a long time and we talk about how hard-headed he is but he does have innovative moments on offense, especially as it relates to tweaking their offense to better fit the college kids coming out. Nagy showed innovative tendencies with his RPOs last year so I think the Chicago offense could be fun to watch.

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