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Chiefs salary cap casualties to watch out for

The Kansas City Chiefs spent less than every team but one in the NFL last season when you go by cash spending (not salary cap). Yet they had one of the highest salary caps in the league. That means they had plenty of cap trouble, and so far this season they are cleaning that up.

Let’s look at some other Chiefs players that could be tough decisions soon because of cap reasons:

(All these cap numbers come from Over The Cap)

LB Tamba Hali

Dead money: $1.7M

Cap savings: $7.7M

This one seems obvious at this point. Tamba wasn’t much of a factor last year after starting out on PUP and playing only part-time down the stretch. I don’t see how they bring him back. For him being one of the all-time Chiefs, it seems oddly quiet around him right now. The question is whether he retires or continues playing elsewhere.

DE Allen Bailey

Dead money: $2M

Cap savings: $5.9M

Tough call here as he’s a starter who played regularly. The cap savings are significant though. If the Chiefs get to a spot where they feel good about the cap, I keep Bailey and draft another defensive lineman. But if they’re up against the cap and need the space, this will be one to watch out for.

S Daniel Sorensen

Dead money: $3M

Cap savings: $1.8M

Some fans wanted the Chiefs to cut Sorensen. It’s possible but they would be taking a bigger dead money hit than cap savings so I don’t think it’s likely to happen.

TE Demetrius Harris

Dead money: $200k

Cap savings: $2.1M

He has been their No. 2 tight end and Andy Reid values the No. 2 tight end. This one depends on free agency and the draft. The No. 2 tight end in Reid’s offense plays a decent amount so you can’t put Just A Guy (JAG) out there.

RB Charcandrick West

Dead money: $333k

Cap savings: $1.7M

Spencer Ware is in more or less the same boat. Chark’s cap savings would be $1.7M while Ware’s would be $1.5M. I think I side with Ware in that case but Chark does have value to this team as a third-down back, which we saw down the stretch.

LB Dee Ford

Dead money: 0

Cap savings: $8.7M

The Chiefs need a pass rush badly so I don’t think they cut Ford. I think they end up getting the best out of Ford who will be playing in a contract year. He is playing for a payday next year and will be highly motivated.

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