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Marcus Peters trade details are out and it doesn’t look any better for the Chiefs

Three days later, the details on the Marcus Peters trade are finally coming out and Chiefs fans do not like it.

The Marcus Peters trade details are finally out. If you didn’t like the trade to begin with, you probably won’t like it anymore now.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Chiefs traded Peters to the Rams in exchange for a fourth round pick this year and a second round pick next year.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has the same details but says the Chiefs also sent a sixth round pick to the Rams.

Previous reports suggested the Rams first round pick wouldn’t be involved and the Rams didn’t have a second round pick. So many Chiefs fans were thinking the Rams third round pick this year would be involved but the Chiefs aren’t even getting that this year. They do get the second rounder but that’s in 2019, not this year.

One day, I really want to know the backstory behind this trade because I expected much more than this. I didn’t expect the return for the Chiefs to be this low. This trade does not look any better right now. It seems obvious to me now why someone — sure seems like it was the Chiefs — didn’t want these details coming out.

There has to be more to the story.

The KC Police told us there is riot gear available in case ... ya know.

Chiefs fans do NOT like this.

It's Game Time.

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