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Where are the Marcus Peters trade details?

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What are the Kansas City Chiefs getting back from trading Marcus Peters?

We’re into day two of reporting on this trade and we still don’t know what the Chiefs are getting back. This feels unusual that we don’t have a hint of the draft picks involved. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport did confirm it was draft picks and not players coming back so we believe it’s draft picks only but ... which draft picks?

Some fans think the Chiefs are getting the Rams first round pick back. For a player like Peters, you expect a big return. Hoping for that first rounder is reasonable for fans. I would be disappointed if the Rams 23rd overall pick wasn’t included (there are indications it isn’t but, as we know, nothing is official yet so who knows).

I’m not sure what to make of the delay in finding out the details. The trade can’t officially be done until free agency begins in March so, like the Alex Smith trade, it’s all unofficial until then. But we knew the Alex Smith package — and his contract -- pretty quickly.

What is the delay here? Is this good news or bad news for the Chiefs? I’m not sure what to make of it.