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Your top three victories of the week

We once again asked for your victory of the week on the Friday night open thread. Here were your top three:


Bought a 2014 Chevy Cruze

Haven’t had a decent car with low miles in some time.
I’m also excited to see Veach work some FA moves on the Chiefs.

Congrats on both the new ride and the new cornerback!

The Kid

My oldest daughter decided on KU for college? We live in MO and I went to grad school at MIZZ, but don’t really seem to be offended by her decision. She received some good scholarship opportunities and has decided on engineering. So, I’m pretty sure this is a win. RockChalk????

Lived in Kansas City too long to know I should not get involved in this debate. That being said, AP wishes much luck to your daughter!


My oldest boy is ready to defend his reigning Pinewood Derby championship tomorrow.

Bring the title back where it belongs, Tony Jr.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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