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Chiefs fans thanking Alex Smith in a unique way

The PrideHeads never surprise me in one direction or the other when it comes to Twitter, but one tweet in particular caught my eye in a really good way Wednesday evening:

This donation to the Alex Smith Foundation is following a recent trend of fan bases lately. When Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens during the final week of the season to send the Bills to the playoffs, Buffalo fans began sending $17 donations to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation.

Saints punter Thomas Morstead was one of the first players back on the field for the final extra point during the Vikings’ miracle win despite having torn cartilage in his ribs. Vikings fan donated $200,000 to “What You Give Will Grow,” Morstead’s foundation.

This PrideHeads have started to follow Mertz’s lead, sending $11 to Smith:

If you’re curious, Smith’s foundation provides family and emotional support to foster youth who may not otherwise have it.

“When I was 18 heading off to college I had the support of family, coaches and a scholarship,” Smith says about the foundation on the official website. “I can’t imagine how we can expect foster teens to be successful when we say to them; you are now 18 and we are cutting you off—so go out and make it on your own.”

Here is a story from BJ Kissel of Chiefs dot com highlighting just how great Smith’s foundation is. If you were looking for a way to thank Smith, maybe this is worth a consideration.

The Alex Smith Foundation | Donate here

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