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45 Seconds: Here’s how Andy Reid continues to build off of his play creativity

45 Seconds this week takes a look at how Andy Reid uses your own preparation against you.

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Great offensive minds are able to take looks that they’ve had success with and build more creative plays off of that initial success. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a master of this. He’s constantly able to find a wrinkle that catches you off guard.

Defenses have so much to prepare for with Reid’s offense and the wide variety of shifts, motions, formations and plays to cover every week. They’re forced to drill down on what they’ve seen already and the Chiefs always have something new to use the preparation for the known against them.

This week in Cleveland was no different. The Chiefs converted a 50-yard touchdown on a screen to Kareem Hunt off a lock that netted them a touchdown the previous week. We broke it down in this week’s edition of *45 Seconds.

*the roughly 45 seconds between the start of the play and the play being blown dead

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