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Josh Rosen used to have an Andy Reid shirt that said “Our coach will eat yours”

Rosen grew up a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rookie quarterback Josh Rosen and his Arizona Cardinals are coming into town to challenge the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at Noon.

Rosen grew up a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, with whom now-Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spent the first 14 seasons of his head-coaching career.

Rosen was thus asked by the Arizona media about what it will be like to face Reid now.

ROSEN: “It’s awesome. I used to have an Eagles shirt when I was a kid that said, ‘Our head coach will eat yours.’ I was a huge Andy Reid fan. Him and Mike Vick and the DeSean Jackson days are very fun to watch...we didn’t really have TiVo so she would have a video recorded and record TV screen and I was at a Pop Warner practice and it was the Redskins game and she showed me. She’s like, ‘Hey, we got a surprise for you on the first play.’ It was the naked boot when he bombed like 80 yards to DeSean Jackson. I remember it like it was yesterday after Pop Warner practice.”

It is worth noting that back in his Eagles days, Reid used to be a much heavier guy.

With Reid slimming out a bit in recent years, Rosen should have no fear of him eating Steve Wilks on Sunday.

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