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Kareem Hunt said he wishes he could play the New England Patriots right now

NFL Network’s Deion Sanders called Hunt after his big game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Kareem Hunt balled, so he got the call.

It is a little corny on the surface, but I actually enjoy this year’s new NFL Network segment in which Deion Sanders FaceTimes with the stars of the league each week and then the interview is run on both the network and its social channels.

Sanders called Hunt after his 141-scrimmage yard, three-touchdown effort against the Cleveland Browns. Sanders first asked Hunt about the difference in the Chiefs’ offense from a year ago to now.

“Pat (Mahomes) is doing a good job at just making big plays,” Hunt said. “He never gives up on a play, and he’s the type of dude who’s going to take chances no matter what. He always is looking for the big time play.”

Without saying their names, Sanders mentioned the hype surrounding Los Angeles’ Todd Gurley and New Orleans’ Alvin Kamara, and told Hunt he’s slowly rocking steady.

“All the time,” Hunt said with a smile. “That’s how you got to do it. You got to get yours. Every opportunity you get, I try to take advantage of it, so I’m going to keep rolling. I can be a little quiet sometimes, but I’m coming the same way every time.”

Sanders said he “didn’t want to look forward” but then implies that the Chiefs should think the only team that could possibly beat them is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Sanders asked Hunt if he’s look forward to that future matchup.

“It’s going to be a heck of a game,” he said. “I know they ready. Just know we coming ready. I wish we could have that game right now.”

Hunt quietly has 995 yards from scrimmage and 13 total touchdowns in nine games on the season.

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