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Former Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil would take Patrick Mahomes over Jared Goff

Vermeil told TMZ Sports Mahomes could go down in league history as the greatest of all-time.

TMZ Sports caught up with former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil following the Chiefs’ 54-51 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

105 combined points is the most in Monday Night Football history.

VERMEIL: “I sort of think that redefines what’s called a great football game...I’ve seen a lot of exciting football games, but nothing that really compared with that in terms of points scored. I’ve seen great 7-6 games, three field goals apiece games that were exciting, but nothing like that one. My wife and I, we couldn’t get over it.”

Vermeil was asked to pick between Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff based upon the game, and Vermeil did not hesitate in picking Mahomes.

VERMEIL: “I’ve never seen anything like him. He can do it all. I mean he can throw off-balance, upside-down and backward—he can throw a completed pass. He has unbelievable poise. Into his first year as a starter, I don’t see any limitation and he’s being coached by the right people in Andy Reid. I can’t see him getting a big head and getting a distorted ego in any way.”

Vermeil added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Mahomes went down as the best quarterback in league history when his career is over.

VERMEIL: “Oh, no question. He’s already proven it. He’s way ahead of everybody else at the same time.”

With 11 weeks done and the Chiefs headed into the bye week, Mahomes is certainly off to a good start. He has more than 3,900 yards, 37 touchdowns and 11 interceptions on the 2018 season.

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