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I stand with Patrick Mahomes. Will you?

Whatever QB1 says goes.

A little over eight months ago I came here and told you that tying your jacket around your waist was, in fact, cool. I said that because KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes had been spotted doing just that.

This used to be something your Dad did to embarrass you and you made fun of him for it but Mahomes made it cool. So cool that I pushed his message forward and tied my own damn jacket around my waist.

My faith in Mahomes making previously uncool things cool is being tested with this week’s ketchup news. You might have heard the news: Patrick Mahomes likes ketchup ... on his steak!

If you somehow haven’t heard the story yet, ESPN’s Seth Wickersham has it in his excellent article titled The Radical Confidence of Patrick Mahomes:

The other day, in Mahomes’ apartment in the Country Club Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, his grandfather asked him, “What’s it like to be famous?” For one thing, it means he eats less ketchup. He spent most of his life putting ketchup on everything. He would get bottles of it for his birthday. But now that everyone is watching every move he makes, he is sheepish about ordering ketchup. At a restaurant recently, his mom, Randi, recognized an unfilled desire as he dove into a steak. “Just ask for it,” Randi said. “I know you want it.” Patrick wouldn’t. So she asked for the ketchup and slipped it to him.

This caused an uproar, especially in Kansas City where we like our steaks without ketchup. But I am here to tell you today:

I stand with Patrick Mahomes.

If the Chiefs savior says we need ketchup on our steak then, by God, ketchup is going on my steak. (And my macaroni and cheese, apparently).

Will you stand with us?


Will you put ketchup on your steak?

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