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Debating whether moving the game to Los Angeles actually helps the Chiefs

The AP Nerd Squad weighs in on a topic everyone is curious about.

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Arizona Cardinals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

We received several questions for the AP Laboratory mailbag about the Rams training for Monday Night Football in altitude in Colorado for the game in Mexico City while the Chiefs were staying home. We were well prepared to answer that question until the game got moved back to Los Angeles for field quality concerns.

I decided to flip the question on its head and asked the rest of the AP Nerd Squad if the fact that the Rams’ schedule is now out of whack while the Chiefs is intact an advantage for the Chiefs.

Matt Lane: “I don’t think it’ll have a big effect, I’m more looking out for the fact that they’re coming off two emotional games. They had the shootout with the Saints who, let’s be real, the Chiefs have been looking forward to this Rams game since New England. The Rams haven’t had that luxury. They had to look out for the Saints first. They then had to come back with a hard divisional game against the second best team in their division (Seattle). So more so than their week leading up they’re coming off two more taxing games. I’m not sure I see the benefit to practice and try and recover in the high altitude just to go back home.”

Craig Stout: “The moment They already had everything there, might’ve been logistically difficult and might’ve even lost a day moving back to Los Angeles. But it does mean that they’re not in the comfort of their homes. This is closer to an away situation this is closer to traveling to London and being out of your element. It doesn’t necessarily bode well for them. Conversely, with the Chiefs you have such a fast offense and a number of guys on the defensive side of the ball that do have lower body injuries that even if they were willing to play this weekend the Chiefs might’ve held them out in Mexico City. In reality this benefits the Chiefs more than it benefits the Rams to have them in Colorado Springs.”

I do think the fact that the Rams were breaking routine to help acclimate themselves for Mexico City could help the Chiefs. The Chiefs stayed in KC to help maintain a routine. Luckily, their routine won’t be broken at all. The Rams are a little in flux with everything. That could be slightly beneficial to the Chiefs.

We went in depth on both sides of the ball for the Los Angeles Rams and more on this week’s episode of the AP Lab. If you can’t see the player below, click here.

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