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The move from Mexico City to Los Angeles, a timeline of updates

Adam Schefter of ESPN says that the league could also move the game.

UPDATE: 3:46 p.m. (Arrowhead Time)

That’s a wrap.

UPDATE: 2:21 p.m. (Arrowhead Time)

This has officially become very interesting. ESPN’s Adam Schefter says that a number of Rams and Chiefs players are strongly considering holding out of Monday night’s game due to the field conditions.

That is a problem.

Here is some clarity on Schefter’s note from Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson:

UPDATE: 1:44 p.m. (Arrowhead Time)

Dustin Colquitt chimes in:

UPDATE: 1:21 p.m. (Arrowhead Time)

The latest from Charles Robinson (Yahoo! Sports), who appears to be well connected on this story:

UPDATE: 11:53 a.m. (Arrowhead Time)

Lara Moritz of KMBC tweeted a photo from the ground in Mexico City on Tuesday.

Moritz posted two videos of sod being replaced at the stadium, but they have since been deleted.

Well, this is getting out of hand.

Over the weekend, we tweeted a photo of Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, where the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to take on the Los Angeles Rams this Monday Night Football:

You can find other photos here, here and here.

The field suffered damage thanks to a Shakira concert that took place back on October 11.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reported Monday, “the damage was so bad that photos of the ragged surface circulated among franchise executives raising questions about whether the field would be ready for the Monday night game.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked about the Mexico City field conditions at his Monday presser.

“I’ve seen it, but I think the NFL is on top of it,” he said. “They do a great job with all that stuff, so I’m not really worried about all that.”

On Tuesday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that discussions about whether to play the game in Mexico City, move it to Los Angeles or postpone it all together are taking place.

The Chiefs and the Rams come into the game as the standalone leaders of the AFC and NFC conferences, respectively, each posting 9-1 records.

While there is much league and team investment riding on this game, the right thing to do here is to move the game to the Los Angeles Coliseum, as it is considered a home game to the Rams on their schedule.

The alternative—keeping the game in Mexico City and risking unnecessary injury to players on two of the league’s best teams—feels short-sighted and wrong.

We’ll update you here as we hear more from the league and its reporters.

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