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Chiefs vs. Cardinals: What they’re saying

Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks talked with Kansas City media before taking on the Chiefs this Sunday at Arrowhead.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The 8-1 Chiefs take on the 2-6 Arizona Cardinals at Arrowhead on Sunday (12 p.m. CT).

Here’s what head coach Steve Wilks had to say about the game, Patrick Mahomes and more:

On Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offensive weapons:

“I don’t think you can stop those guys completely,” Wilks said. “You just have to hope you can slow them down. [Mahomes is] playing at a high level right now and when you talk about all of the weapons around him...pick your poison as they may say. Dynamic unit, very explosive and we have our hands full this week.”

On the relationship between offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and starting quarterback Josh Rosen:

“I think he’s progressing in the right direction,” Wilks said about his young quarterback. “He’s learning and growing and I think Byron is bringing a lot of clarity to the offense. His relationship with Josh is phenomenal in how they communicate — they’re able to get on the same page quickly.”

On Kansas City’s defense:

“I still think they have a dynamic front and good pass rushers,” Wilks said. “The guys inside, If you look at guys like [Chris] Jones, just watching tape the other day and he got that interception off the screen and I thought it was a running back. He’s just very talented and athletic across the board. Those guys on the back end have been holding it down for them and playing well.”

On what separates Mahomes from other young quarterbacks:

“I think with Mahomes, he just does a good job because he’s not looking to run, he’s looking, still, to push the ball down the field,” Wilks said about Mahomes’ composure in high-pressure situations. “With a lot of young guys, you don’t get that. They’re going to sit here and if it’s not open their first read, they’re just looking to take off, but this guy does a tremendous job of keeping his eyes down the field trying to find an open receiver.”

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