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Tyreek Hill on Jalen Ramsey: “I can’t wait to line up against him”

The Chiefs wide receiver says he’s ready to take on who he believes is the “top dog” at cornerback in the NFL.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In late June, NFL Network brought Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey on for a segment ranking the best wide receiver duos in the league.

Ramsey and the rest of the panel pegged Kansas City Chiefs wide receivers Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins at No 5:

“I like it,” Ramsey said. “You got to see how Sammy gels in there with the offense and you have to see how Mahomes does this year—first year as a quarterback.”

Through four weeks, the Hill-Watkins duo has combined for 37 catches, 540 yards and four receiving touchdowns.

Question: “You play them Week 5. Are you ready for that?”

“Yeah,” Ramsey answered. “I ain’t worried about it.”

Question: “So you’re coming up and you’re pressing Tyreek?

“Yeah,” Ramsey said again, albeit reluctantly.

Fast forward four months, and the game is this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

“Obviously, he thinks highly of himself,” Hill told the local Kansas City media on Wednesday. “He’s all right, I guess. I can’t wait to line up against him. I hope he presses me.”

I then asked Hill what his reaction was when he heard about the above segment.

“What’s my reaction? I just laugh,” Hill said. “I’m always up for a challenge. Like I said, he’s a great player and I’m always up for a challenge. To get my name out there, I need to go up against more talent like him.

“Not calling (Broncos cornerback) Chris Harris (Jr.) or anyone else bad, but [Ramsey] is the top dog right now, so I can’t wait.”

Hey now.

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