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Happy Hilloween: A look behind the scenes at Tyreek Hill’s Chiefs costume party

Tyreek Hill is in the Halloween spirit!

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill put his love for Halloween on display this past Sunday when he exited the Chiefs locker room in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit to “go scare his son” in.

As it turns out, though, that wasn’t the only way he celebrated the holiday this past weekend. On his YouTube channel, Hill takes us behind the scenes in a 12-minute video of the costume party he threw at his home on Friday night for his Kansas City Chiefs teammates, friends and family.

The highlights

0:01 - Hill (surprisingly dressed as a ninja and NOT a cheetah) opens the video with an introduction alongside his fiancée, also a ninja, before letting us viewers virtually party with them..

0:19 - Guac, wings and mac-n-cheese, veggie tray...(my mouth is literally watering as I type)... close-ups of a glorious appetizer spread put on by “Chef D” set the stage for the chef’s cameo, where he invites you to follow him and his food truck (@deeznachoskc) on Instagram. Nachos? Food truck? Omw.

0:46 - It’s intro time. Gehrig Dieter is the first to come into frame wearing a (very familiar looking) inflatable sumo wrestler suit. He’s standing next to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who’s sporting a hilarious inflatable T-Rex suit for his Jurassic Park couples costume.

1:23 - “If you want a body like this, eat like this,” Chris Conley (aka, Val-Zod) says while flexing his plate and foam muscles. He’s with his girlfriend, who is the “Powergirl” to his “Val-Zod.” So many couples costumes, so little time.

2:00 - Sammy Watkins arrives as a mad scientist with his “assistant,” of course.

2:32 - What: Ping Pong battle. Who: Dieter vs. Sherman. Where: Tyreek’s Garage. Winner: Unannounced.

3:55 - “Get your a** out!” - Chris Conley, after being deemed the loser in a round of categories.

4:00 - Hill chooses the next category and goes with “things you see at a strip club.” He kicks the round off with “cheeks.”

6:37 - Categories still going strong and the topic is NFL teams. Tyreek yells/growls “PATRIOTS.”

8:46 - Mahomes fumbles then gets ejected on the “types-of-shoes” round. “Uh, EDIDAS” (read: Adidas), Mahomes says.

8:50 - “It’s ADIDAS, not EDIDAS. Your a** out,” Conley says.

12:00 - Chris Conley and Demarcus Robinson’s girlfriend are the final two left. Robinson’s girlfriend takes home the gold on the category, “things you find in a classroom.”

12:29 - Conley calls for a rematch and loses AGAIN.

END - “NOOOOOO,” Dieter yells.

My thoughts

  • Tyreek Hill knows how to throw a party
  • Despite wearing an inflatable costume, Dieter killed it at ping pong
  • I need to try Chef D’s nachos ASAP
  • Chiefs players and their significant others win Halloween with their creative couples costumes.
  • Categories appears to be THE game of choice at Chiefs parties and Mahomes’ voice gets the best of him again in the great EDIDAS/ADIDAS debate.

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