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Kareem Hunt will be an early indicator of Chiefs success vs. Titans

I wrote about my take on the Titans-Chiefs playoff game and I talked about it on 610 Sports earlier this week. Essentially, I believe the Chiefs defense will keep the Titans low scoring so the only way the Chiefs lose is if their offense goes in the tank (like the Steelers 18-16 home playoff loss last year).

An early indicator of how the Chiefs offense is going to do can usually be seen through Kareem Hunt. If Hunt is rolling early, I will ease my concerns and feel pretty confident about this game. Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense will play well if that happens.

If the Titans are going to keep this one close and have a shot to win, they’re going to stop Hunt.

It boils down to this: If Hunt has a good day, the Chiefs will win. If Hunt doesn’t have a good day, that will open the door for the Titans.

I think the Chiefs are talented enough and a better team than the Titans that even if Hunt is shut down the Chiefs should still win the game. I feel confident the defense will do their job. I hope the offense can.

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