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How will Chiefs and Andy Reid handle Tamba Hali’s snap count this time around?

Remember this summer when Tamba Hali took to social media to complain about getting just seven snaps in last year’s sole playoff game? He reasoned the game was the biggest of his career and he just wanted to contribute.

I thought about it Wednesday as I prepped for this week’s Titans preview podcast.

For reference, here are the numbers of snaps Hali has seen since each week his return to the lineup:

Week 9 at Dallas - 23
Week 11 at New York Giants - OUT
Week 12 vs. Buffalo - 13
Week 13 at New York Jets - QUESTIONABLE, then INACTIVE
Week 14 vs. Oakland - 30
Week 15 vs. Los Angeles - 19
Week 16 vs. Miami - 14
Week 17 at Denver- VETERAN REST

Former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber and I had a nice discussion about it on Thursday’s show:

Shawn: “I think he wants to go out there and do whatever he has to do to win. Tamba’s a guy who’s very result-natured. Whatever the result needs to be, if he plays 10 snaps and those are snaps that are game-changing snaps, third-down snaps, or 14 snaps just on third down and he’s able to go in there and get some quarterback pressures, be on the sideline just like Tamba always does...”

Pete: “Almost in an Eric Berry type of role?”

Shawn: “Oh my goodness. He is amazing on the sideline. Whether we are on offense or defense, he is right besides coach (Reid), rooting the guys on, telling them, ‘Let’s get off the field on defense,’ or ‘Hey offense, let’s get a first down.’ And that type encouragement from a leader like him, it rings throughout the organization, so it’s a difference out there when he’s on the sideline and when he’s not. And so his value is way beyond what he does actually on the field when it comes to snaps.”

Pete: “See, you’re not going to be counting Tamba’s snaps but I’m going to be there with my abacus. I’m going to be making sure I see how many snaps Tamba gets because four months from now, when he goes on a midsummer Facebook rant, I want to have a hold of this!”

Shawn: (laughing) “Oh, Lord.”

Pete: “The only reason I bring it up is because he, multiple times this summer, was saying the number of snaps. Not me! I didn’t make this up, that’s what he was saying, so I’m just curious to see how much he plays.”

What do you think? Does Andy Reid let Tamba rip? He is officially listed for the game as questionable (knee).

For that discussion and more, listen to our Titans preview on the player below or click here.