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The Redskins handling of Kendall Fuller is the latest Washington disaster

We’re used to disasters in Washington but this is a new one.

The Kansas City Chiefs newest cornerback, Kendall Fuller, had a heck of an introduction to the Chiefs. He was involved in the Alex Smith trade on Tuesday night but ... the Redskins didn’t tell him.

Seriously, they didn’t tell him before the media knew. The nightmare scenario. Let’s recap it.

Adam Schefter has the news (actually Terez Paylor had the trade first and Schefter was providing more details).

Fuller replied to Schefter’s tweet. This is before we knew the player was Fuller.

Multiple other reports came out confirming the player involved was Fuller. More than 30 MINUTES later, he STILL didn’t know.

An hour later, someone must have called him because he said he now knew.

As Nelson from the Simpsons would say, haha. But, man, Washington, really?

Pete made this handy graphic for you to follow along.

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