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Chiefs Eric Berry and Chris Conley are rehab buddies and I love it

I normally stay away from short and sweet stories.

That’s partly because there’s usually so much more to analyze than just a few things, and partly because I tend to be a a bit, uh... longwinded? Sure, longwinded. We’ll stick with that.

Anyways, I saw something on Twitter that made me smile, and I thought it might make you smile too. We all need smiles as we continue to mentally and emotionally recover from how the season ended, and Chris Conley is providing them in spades.

This is great for a number of reasons:

  1. That’s a really funny scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you don’t know (I have no idea if there’s anyone in America who doesn’t know this, but maybe you don’t watch Marvel movies?), the scene involves Captain America and a regular dude both jogging. Captain America (because he’s, you know, Captain America) laps him multiple times, saying “on your left” politely each time. It’s hilarious and a great example of how Captain America isn’t really a normal guy.
  2. You can absolutely picture Eric Berry being exactly like this in rehab. This is because Eric Berry, like Captain America, isn’t really a normal guy. Even Chris Conley, by all accounts one of the finest athletes in the world, doesn’t consider Eric Berry a normal guy.
  3. It shows good camaraderie, which is important.
  4. Most importantly, it makes me that much more convinced that Berry and Conley (especially Berry) will be back. Sure, Berry is superhuman and I never had a major doubt... but this is still nice to hear.

For the rest of the offseason, I’m going to be picturing Berry running past Conley in a sprint and muttering, “On your left.”

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