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Your top five victories of the week

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Happy Saturday. As promised, here are your top five victories of the week from last night’s open thread:


Today’s my 21st birthday

And of course I have a cold…


With my constant whining and complaining about The Last Jedi, I decided to rewatch all the Star Wars movies.

The first 6 episodes were good, I even enjoy the prequels, so my hatred of The Last Jedi isn’t me getting older. So I decided to watch The Force Awakens tonight, and I haven’t even gotten through the opening scroll before coming up with a list of issues. Although I didn’t particularly care for it on first watch, the fact that I know these questions don’t get answered retroactively makes The Force Awakens worse.


About to make chocolate chip pancakes and watch Futurama.

I’ve earned it this week dammit.


Spending my evening working on my capstone project for my degree.

For those who’ve never heard of it, it’s a liberal arts degree’s version of a thesis. Mine is a pair of short-stories that examine how the role of the archetypal hero has changed in the American conscious.


I had a date today.

Fortunately it didn’t make a good story, but she told me about a horrible date she had recently. Apparently she met a guy off Tinder, and when he showed up he was fatter and had messed-up teeth, but the real kicker is that he brought a friend without telling her. Then within 5 minutes of meeting they offered to take her home for steaks and vodka.

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