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Alex Smith’s trade value brings a wide range of opinions

Nice piece from ESPN’s Adam Teicher who spoke with former Bucs GM Mark Dominik about the potential trade value of Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith.

It shows how differing the opinions are on what the Chiefs can get for Alex -- if they decide to trade him.

Dominik tells Teicher that because of Alex’s age (34) and his contract (one more year on it) that Alex is likely worth more like a third or a fourth round pick. His argument is sound. Quarterbacks are a different animal though and it takes just one team to need him.

Contrast that with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport suggesting recently the Chiefs could get more than the two second round picks they gave up for Alex five years ago. That’s a pretty big difference in value — two seconds or one mid-round pick.

The truth, as it usually is, will likely be somewhere in the middle.