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Chiefs fans disagree with Andy Reid again, will he be proven correct?

Kansas City Chiefs fans do not agree with Andy Reid’s decision to keep defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. I thought there was a chance the Chiefs would make a move at that position but when it didn’t come in the first few days I started thinking he would stay.

Most Chiefs fans don’t agree with Reid’s decision.

The Chiefs defense did take a step back this year and our last memory of them is Marcus Mariota and the Titans driving on them to win at Arrowhead. It’s easy to see why most fans wouldn’t want Sutton to come back.

Reid has been loyal to his assistants in the past and he seemed a little defensive when talking with Terez Paylor about the decision to keep Sutton. “I know everybody has their opinion on everything, just like they did when they wanted me to bench Alex,” Reid told the Star. “That turned out pretty good.”

I thought strong consideration should’ve been given to making a move given the Chiefs decline and the way things ended in the playoff game. I also thought Chiefs fans went a little overboard on Sutton after the season. The conversation needed to happen but he wasn’t Greg Robinson. It wasn’t the slam dunk decision to fire him like some thought. (OK, take your best shot at me in the comments section)

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