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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes goes even higher in ESPN’s re-draft

ESPN re-drafted the 2017 NFL Draft and Mahomes goes high

I saw ESPN re-drafted the top five picks in last year’s NFL Draft. I didn’t expect to see the Kansas City Chiefs mentioned but here we are. Chiefs rookie QB Patrick Mahomes goes to the Jaguars with the fourth overall pick in this re-draft.

So, say hello to Mahomes, who in our redraft world is now the heir apparent to Bortles in Jacksonville instead of Alex Smith in Kansas City. Mahomes was the highest-rated quarterback last year in Football Outsiders’ QBASE projections, and the success of Goff and Case Keenum in 2017 means less reticence about drafting a quarterback out of an Air Raid college system.

No. 4 feels a little high even though Mahomes did go 10th overall in the actual draft. I say a little high because we still really don’t have a good idea of how good Mahomes is. We think he’s good. We think he has a great setup. We think he has a great supporting cast. But until he gets out there ...

Sending a quarterback to the Jaguars makes too much sense considering how their season ended up. It’s also why you’ll see speculation that the Chiefs should trade Alex Smith to the Jaguars. Hard to argue with the reasoning. I’d like to talk about the Jaguars draft picks if that’s the case.

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