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Alex Smith’s dodgeball form returns to the forefront at Pro Bowl skills showdown

KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith is among those participating in the Pro Bowl skills showdown this week at the 2018 Pro Bowl. When I hear Pro Bowl skills showdown, I think of Alex Smith throwing that dodgeball.

People gave Alex Smith a hard time after this because of his form. Look at him throw that ball and it hits the dirt immediately. This clip made the internet rounds last year so I suspect we’ll see a mention of it this weekend.

The skills showdown is on Thursday night while the game is on Sunday.

The other Chief participating is RB Kareem Hunt. Here’s a list to everyone participating and below here is a list of all the games.

» Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Pro Bowlers will compete in a game of dodgeball, with every member of each team participating. The team with the last person on the court wins.

» Kick Tac Toe: A new challenge that tests the accuracy of placekickers from both conferences with a version of the classic game, as they attempt to hit a 3x3 grid of targets inside the uprights.

» Gridiron Gauntlet: Five players from each team will participate in a relay race designed to showcase strength, speed, and agility. Among other surprises, the challenge will include a 40-yard dash with an inflated parachute that is attached to the first player on each team who will sprint before tagging in teammates.

» Best Hands: Four receivers -- two from each conference -- will catch a series of passes at a sequence of downfield targets as quickly as possible. Designated targets require a specific style of catch -- diving, one-handed, over the shoulder, etc. -- which must be executed before the receiver can move on to the next target.

» Precision Passing: Each conference’s quarterbacks will battle it out in an accuracy competition, as they attempt to hit targets of varying size and distance.

» Drone Drop: A bonus event during which one player from each team will attempt to catch footballs dropped from drones from increasing heights above the field. The player who makes the highest catch wins money for the charity of his choice.

H/T Chiefs Wire