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The best Super Bowl moment is Leon Lett and Don Beebe

I go back to the 1990s when I think about my favorite Super Bowls. Maybe that’s because I’m a Chiefs fan and the 1990s were the most fun or maybe that’s when I started actually understanding football.

When I think of the best Super Bowl moments, I always think of Leon Lett. The Cowboys offensive lineman picked up a fumble and was rumbling back for a touchdown and you know how it ends. The Bills’ Don Beebe chases him down and knocks the ball out without Lett realizing it until it was too late. The ultimate hustle play.

I remember watching it live and saying he hit it out first! A fun play during a not so exciting game. I see players all the time — mostly defensive players — run like they’re carrying a loaf of bread and it still makes me nervous because of the Leon Lett play.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl memory?