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The Chiefs should have a game management person like the Eagles do

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has been given a lot of credit for his aggressive coaching this season including when to go for it on fourth down. It’s paid off as the Eagles are in the NFC Championship game this season. One of the reasons the Eagles can be aggressive is because they have the numbers on their side.

It seems so simple that you would have an analytics person sitting by Andy Reid at key situations to tell him what the numbers say. Sometimes you would listen and sometimes you wouldn’t but at least you’d know the odds. Given it’s a billion dollar operation, it seems like this would be an easy thing to do.

And yet not every team does that. Andy Reid is a running joke nationally when it comes to clock management so he could clearly benefit from someone there who has a different view of the game.

Given my expertise on Madden, I could be that guy. I’m available, Big Red.

(Note: The Chiefs do have an analytics person on staff. They have never talked about that person’s role on game day so perhaps some of this is already happening. Or not)

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