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What a coaching staff made up of former Chiefs players would look like

I made a coaching staff of mostly former Kansas City Chiefs players (with the exception of a couple of them).

Head coach: Eric Berry


Offensive coordinator: Trent Green

Going from the booth to the field is in style these days thanks to Jon Gruden.

Defensive coordinator: Gunther Cunningham

Gunther would be great for blog traffic. Imagine him dropping the F bomb during the first press conference.

Quarterbacks coach: Damon Huard

I was always #TeamHuard.

Running backs coach: Kimble Anders

He was catching 50 and 60 passes a season before it was cool for running backs to do that. A great fit in today’s offenses.

Offensive line coach Brian Waters

An undrafted free agent who started 170 games and went to six Pro Bowls has some tips to share.

Receivers coach: Lance Long

I’ll take 53 Lance Longs (H/T Todd Haley).

Tight ends coach: Jason Dunn

If you’re catching 80 balls a year like Travis Kelce we’re going to call you a receiver. Jason Dunn teaches the tight ends how to block.

Defensive line coach: Neil Smith

Long time friend of the blog @Countryboi567 suggested Bill Maas too.

Linebackers coach: Tamba Hali

He was (is?) such a technician with his hands that I think that level of detail would be useful when coaching.

Defensive backs coach: Javier Arenas

Then I could say the Chiefs defensive backs coach once called me a joke.

Special teams coach: Dante Hall


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