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Jon Gruden says Chiefs fans taunting him got his juices going

Oakland Raiders Introduce Jon Gruden Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The AFC West is going to be fun next season. Jon Gruden is back in the NFL with the Raiders and had his introductory press conference on Tuesday.

The last game he called as an announcer came at Arrowhead Stadium and he mentioned Chiefs fans getting after him already (H/T Silver and Black Pride for the quote).

“I walked into Arrowhead Stadium earlier in the season twice for the Chiefs-Broncos game and the Chiefs-Redskins game and the fans were really nice to me,” Gruden said. “And when I walked into the stadium the other day, it was like 1999 all over again. But I love the AFC West. I love the natural rivalries that have been around since I was a kid. But I was split certainly and my juices got going when those Chiefs fans started taunting me.”

Chiefs fans knew Gruden was leaving because it had been reported he was leaving before he even called the Chiefs playoff game. (Yes, I’m bitter because I’m bitter about everything to do with that gross game)